Roads and Gates

Living in the High Country is beautiful but it also comes with 4 full seasons that each present there own challenges.  Our Roads and Gates Committee makes sure the neighborhood is up and running no matter the weather conditions.

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Common Areas

Councill Oaks is situated on 92 acres adjoining the Howard Knob Nature preserve and the Boone United Trail.  We have some of the most beautiful common areas around.

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Social Activities

There is so much to do in the High Country.  Hiking, Camping, Appalachian State Cultural and Sporting activities.   From time to time we will plan activities where we can all get together.

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Welcome Home

Anyone familiar with Boone knows it is one of the most friendly towns you will ever find.  We are fortunate to have a diverse mix of people that bring in rich culture and Appalachian heritage.  Councill Oaks is located right in the heart of it all within walking distance to downtown King St. and a short ride to some of the prettiest views on the East Coast.  We are proud to call Councill Oaks ... "HOME"!

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