Roads, Gates and Grounds Committee mission statement:

“The mission of Councill Oaks Roads, Gates and Grounds Committee is to maintain and improve all roads, gates and common areas to ensure a safe and attractive neighborhood with an emphasis on preserving the natural surroundings and aesthetic.”

Snow and Ice Maintenance:

The neighborhood has contracted a professional snow and ice plowing company. We are on a rotation with that company and they the decision on when to plow the roads based on snow accumulation on roads (greater than 2″), icy spots, time of day and weather forecast (long term cold or warmer temps coming soon). There is no way to come up with an exact plan that would meet every storm so if you are ever concerned feel free to email

When snow is heavy, exact boundaries between the roads and property lines are difficult to determine with 100% accuracy, especially where the road is curved. If you are concerned
about this, please purchase some driveway markers and place them appropriately at the road to clearly mark the boundary between the road and your property.

An example of such a marker can be seen HERE